How To Data Recovery From A Dead Phone

The easiest way to recover your lost data on Android or iOS phone is to use an external device for backup. If you have important files and folders stored on your device, be sure to transfer that information to external devices. The backup file should be saved on an external device so that you can access the data at your convenience.

This is because if you drop your phone or lose it, you have no way to turn it back on and recover all the files.

Today, cloud services are widely used for data storage. You can store just about any information available on your phone on an external device. Although this method works wonders when it comes to restoring your mobile data, it is not a suitable option.


You will find different types of Facebook data recovery software developed by several brands. There are also software systems designed to recover lost data.

Some software is available for free, but it may not help you recover your data completely. You may need to purchase the software or take out a subscription that requires monthly payments to ensure that all your data stored on the phone will be safe even if you drop your phone accidentally.


If none of the above steps work, your last resort is to hire a recovery service provider. Any certified and professional data recovery service provider can help you recover your lost data from Android and iOS devices.

It is important to note that there is no software that can help you recover 100% data from your Android and iOS mobiles.

By using backup device, professional data recovery services and data recovery software application, you can recover data easily. No matter how complicated the storage system is, you can recover your phone data with the tips listed above.

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