Data Recovery Services From SD And Micro SD Cards

Do not rush to conclusions and shed tears if the memory card is not detected by the computer. No need to stomp the Data Recovery Services device with the words “turn on the devil” and run to buy a new one. In such cases, wizards are usually called to help – a joke, of course, professionals and we are proud of our team. 

Of course, we can outwit everyone and try to recover the data on our own using special programs, but most likely, this venture will not be successful, but will only finish off the recumbent. First, let’s look at what problems may arise. No panic! There is always a way!

When you try to open the device, a window appears with a message that it needs to be formatted The computer does not see the media Wikipedia Data not showing up in root folder Unable to open files. I get a message that the files are corrupted.

Data Recovery Services

As a rule, the computer does not see the memory card due to a malfunction of the controller, which is its brain. It is he who manages our information and is responsible for its proper storage and interaction with the computer. When we contact a service center, we immediately understand that the procedure for recovering data from a memory card is not as simple as it seems to us, and for this we need a knowledgeable person, and not “Uncle Vasya” from a neighboring yard. 

We are in a real laboratory. The master asks us: “Do you want checkers or go?” Naturally, we say “go”. After such an answer, he can safely remove the filling from the case. How else? After all, it is more important for us to save the content, not the wrapper. This is followed by the process of desoldering the memory chip using a soldering station.

Now we have come to the most important stage. The memory chip is placed in a device called a “chip reader” and the magic begins. This device is able to read information from the media at a low logical level, thanks to which we can get the so-called “dump” of memory. It remains only to correct the errors in it. However, the correction takes most of the specialist’s time. 

Using a special error correction code, which depends on the specific model and manufacturer of the card, it reconstructs the received data . After that, the repair of the memory card ends safely. Now we are not threatened with dismissal from work and we will again be able to view our favorite photos. By the way, SSD drives and flash drives are restored according to the same principle .

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